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  • Is Your Solar O&M Strategy Scalable?

    Each stage of development brings challenges to your scalability and growth, and solar maintenance services are no exception. That’s because they’re necessary and ongoing for the lifetime of your assets, which is a minimum 25+ year investment. As such, the very nature of solar O&M can present a major portion of your scalability challenges.

  • 62% of Solar Assets Have Major Issues (But Performance Assurance Helps)

    With 62% of solar assets having major issues, your solar maintenance and operations plan needs to be exceptional, and performance assurance can get you there.

  • 3 Things Everyone Was Talking About at AMNA 2024

    And that’s a wrap on AMNA 2024! SolarPlaza’s 10th annual Asset Management North America conference in San Diego was filled to the brim with people, sessions, and discussions key to improving the solar asset management and renewable energy experience.

  • Why We’re Proud to Be a Certified B Corp

    As a founding engineer at Omnidian, I often find myself contemplating the most amazing thing about this company. There are certainly a lot of options, but one of my absolute favorite things about Omnidian is that we’re a Certified B Corp with an impressive 90.8 score, at that!

  • Omnidian Announces B Corp Certification

    Seattle, WA – Omnidian, Inc., the solar industry leader in performance assurance and the post-installation experience, announced today its B Corp Certification. This designation recognizes Omnidian’s dedication to creating a better, more sustainable future for the environment and planet.