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  • 3 Challenges Facing Community Solar’s Exponential Growth

    Community solar as an industry has three key concerns that developers, owner-operators, and other stakeholders must address in order to see continued portfolio expansion as well as return on investment.

  • Partner Research: National Grid EVSE Experimental Case Study

    Omnidian Partners with National Grid on Early-Stage EV Charger Reliability Research Omnidian and National Grid recently launched a pilot program to see if Omnidian could improve the performance of National Grid’s employee EV charging stations. In order to detect when the product was not performing, the company used the stations’ reporting capabilities to put together…

  • Untangling Wire Management Standards | SolarGrade

    Wire management is vital to the safety, reliability, and performance of PV systems. Yet installation techniques vary widely, and popular wire management products require frequent replacement. SolarGrade’s white paper covers best practices for installation and O&M and includes a product guide.

  • Why Your Trust Is All That Matters in Solar O&M

    When we launched Omnidian back in 2016, solar O&M (operations and maintenance) was an afterthought in the industry. Everyone wanted solar installed, but the post-installation experience didn’t go much farther than reactive – and often slow – truck rolls for “Help! My system is down!” messages or alerts. But we thought differently.

  • Pivot Energy’s “Secret Sauce” for Community Solar Success

    Pivot Energy, a leading renewable energy independent power producer, is at the forefront of the community solar movement. Pivot has over 380 community solar projects completed or in development that are estimated to offset over 1.8 megatons of CO2 annually. Kelly Hadayia, Pivot’s Vice President of Revenue Operations, has witnessed much of this growth.