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  • Pivot Energy’s “Secret Sauce” for Community Solar Success

    Pivot Energy, one of the country’s leading renewable energy independent power producers, is at the forefront of the community solar movement. Pivot has over 380 community solar projects completed or in development that are estimated to offset over 1.8 megatons of CO2 annually. Kelly Hadayia, Pivot’s Vice President of Revenue Operations, has witnessed this growth.

  • Is Your Solar O&M Strategy Scalable?

    When you develop, own, or acquire solar assets, scaling your portfolio is at the forefront of your mind. Each stage of development brings challenges to your growth, and solar maintenance services are no exception. That’s because they’re necessary and ongoing for the lifetime of your assets, which is a minimum 25+ year investment. As such,…

  • 62% of Solar Assets Have Major Issues (But Performance Assurance Helps)

    With 62% of solar assets having major issues, your solar maintenance and operations plan needs to be exceptional, and performance assurance can get you there.

  • 3 Things Everyone Was Talking About at AMNA 2024

    And that’s a wrap on AMNA 2024! SolarPlaza’s 10th annual Asset Management North America conference in San Diego was filled to the brim with people, sessions, and discussions key to improving the solar asset management and renewable energy experience.

  • Why Real Estate Investors Are Eyeing Turnkey Solar Performance Solutions

    Investing in solar is a given for many real estate professionals looking to become more sustainable. More and more real estate companies are turning to rooftop solar panels to meet their climate-friendly goals — and earn dividends. But what’s not as straightforward a decision? How to maintain those systems for optimal performance, risk mitigation, and…