100% Performance Guaranteed.
100% Peace of Mind.

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The Omnidian Difference

25 Years of Complete Protection.

Solar is a major, long-term investment. While warranties, service contracts and monitoring apps cover some of the maintenance, none of them offer what we can guarantee — 100% performance or we’ll pay you for the energy lost.

We also remove all of the burden. Our team continuously monitors your system 24/7, coordinates service calls and covers 100% of hardware and software maintenance costs. This level of 100% “hands-free” protection means you can enjoy peace of mind for the lifetime of your solar system.

Find out why our Fortune 1000 clients rely on Omnidian to protect their large-scale residential portfolios — along with tens of thousands of satisfied homeowners.

Shielding You from Energy Loss

24/7 Continuous Monitoring

Our proprietary end-to-end monitoring technology is powered by advanced predictive analytics to rapidly detect production issues.

100% Covered Field Service Protection

System maintenance and repairs are handled by a comprehensive nationwide network of pre-qualified service providers.

Omnidian 100% Performance Guaranteed™

Guarantee system production for the life of the system or receive full reimbursement for the lost energy.

Reliable Customer Service

Proactive service alerts, service coordination, certified performance reports and dedicated call center resolve all production issues faster.

Seamless Integration

For our large-scale portfolio clients, Omnidian can seamlessly integrate billing partners, service networks, CRM systems and 3rd party monitoring platforms.

SunShot Initiative | U.S. Department of Energy

In 2017, Omnidian was awarded the Department of Energy SunShot grant, which accelerates the development of highly impactful solar energy technologies. Our state-of-the-art platform guarantees 100% performance for residential clients; and our proprietary technology drives down operational costs and creates an improved client experience for large-scale residential portfolio owners.

Portfolio Owners

The Performance you were promised. The ROI you expect.

Maximize the return on your solar portfolio with our innovative technology and experienced team monitoring your system 24/7. This level of attention, coupled with our lifetime performance guarantee, will increase the efficiency of your portfolio and liberate your resources and capital. This level of Omnidian protection guarantees your promised energy for the lifetime of your portfolio, or we reimburse you for the energy loss.

Risk Assessment
Forensic System Analysis

Omnidian’s proprietary state-of-the-art monitoring system quickly assesses individual asset performance and seamlessly integrates with all major 3rd party monitoring platforms to identify risks and resolve underperforming assets. We bring transparency to your portfolio.

Portfolio Management
Ensure Your ROI

Omnidian shifts the risk of maintenance and system performance from investors and portfolio owners with our 100% performance guarantee. Our teams will monitor and manage your portfolio and ensure resolution of performance issues through our nationwide network of qualified service professionals. We protect the quality of your portfolio and the security of your investment.

Operations & Reporting
Seamless Integration

For our large-scale portfolio clients, Omnidian can seamlessly integrate billing partners, service networks, CRM systems and 3rd party monitoring platforms to remove the workload from large-scale residential portfolio owners and homeowners.

Safeguard Your Investment from Energy Loss

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Monitor your savings. Not your system.

Our technology and people will proactively keep your system operating at peak performance and maximize your energy savings.

Existing Residential Clients

Our Omnidian protection plans offer a wide range of exclusive, quality services from continuous monitoring to 100% performance guaranteed.

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Not an Existing Client?

Ask your installer, dealer, lender or leasing agent about Omnidian and our Omnidian 100% Performance Guarantee™.

Protection Levels

We detect. We dispatch. We guarantee.

Compare Protection Levels Gold Platinum Diamond
Always-on system monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Proactive service alerts Yes Yes Yes
Reliable performance reports Yes Yes Yes
Worry-free coverage for up to
the lifetime of your system*
Yes Yes
100% covered field service for all
hardware and software components*
Yes Yes
100% guarantee of your system’s
promised energy generation
100% reimbursement for any
energy lost

*Plan terms with flexible renewal options. Plans transferable upon the sale of your home. Includes hardware and software components.
Excludes out of warranty system components, removal of system for roof repair, clearing foliage, or panel cleaning.

Omnidian Leadership

Unmatched experience. Unparalleled vision.

Our team has a bold vision for the residential solar sector: provide peace of mind to portfolio owners, homeowners, sellers, installers and financiers alike with a 100% performance guarantee for the lifetime of the system.

Our mission is to protect your invested capital, and we have the experience to deliver on the promise. Our team has managed nearly half of all residential solar systems ever deployed in the U.S.

Ray Szylko

Ray Szylko

Chief Strategy Officer

Steward of Strategic Alliances

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David Kenny

Chief Operating Officer

Master Engineer

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Leah Kyle

Head of Human Resources

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Anna Kaplan

Marketing Account Director

Brand Ambassador

Brad Davis

Brad Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing Hall of Famer

Mark Liffmann

Mark Liffmann

Chief Executive Officer

Industry Pioneer

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Yoseff Tucker

Vice President of Solar Operations

Systems Protector

Tom Staples

Tom Staples

Vice President of Sales

Industry Educator

Caroline Bec Cox

Caroline Bec Cox

Vice President of Finance

Finance Strategist

Cedric Brehaut

Cedric Brehaut

Vice President of Products

Voice of the Market

Jeff Berg

Jeff Berg

Director of Engineering

Tech Visionary

Chris Hinton

Chris Hinton

Director of Solar Operations

Performance Architect

Doug Robertson

Doug Robertson

Director of MarCom Technology

Media Maven

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Justin Sherman

Service Network Manager

Solar Networker

Michael Stottlemyre

Michael Stottlemyre

Business Operations Manager

Fleet Developer

Flexible hours.  Creative workspace. Downtown energy.

Flexible hours.
Creative workspace.
Downtown energy.

If that’s not enough, we also have free coffee and beer.

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