Commercial & Industrial Solar

Evolve beyond traditional O&M. Our comprehensive partnership is designed to reduce operating expenses, increase asset uptime, and maximize your return on investment.


Vetted Service Professionals? Everywhere the Sun Shines.

With vetted service professionals covering over 33,000 U.S. zip codes and all solar hubs, your geographic growth potential is virtually limitless. Plus, all work is coordinated and reviewed by our team for quality, so you can rest easy knowing your assets are in good hands.

QA/QC — Emphasis on “Q”

Protect your solar investment with Omnidian’s quality assurance and control services (QA/QC) for site, safety, and engineering. We proactively identify issues that can lead to system downtime, underproduction, and lost revenue before they happen.

Who We Serve

  • Developers and IPPs
  • Real Estate Developers, Owners, Operators, and Investors
  • Big-Box Retailers
  • Financiers & Investors
  • Energy Service Companies
  • EPCs and Installers of Solar & Storage

Asset Performance Management? We Wrote the Playbook.

  • Intelligent Monitoring

    Our proprietary technology models performance by creating a digital twin of your assets and layering on live, satellite-derived weather data. Using machine learning and AI, we monitor your real-world assets for underperformance to identify and diagnose alerts, and drive remediation.

  • Remote Diagnostics

    By filtering out false and unactionable alerts, we can quickly pinpoint the root cause when issues arise. This ensures fast, focused resolution—and you’ll only roll a truck when absolutely necessary.

  • Expert Support

    On top of that, our solar experts become an extension of your team, so you can grow and manage your portfolio at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff. You’ll have a dedicated portfolio manager backed by a full team tracking the health of your assets.

Why Our Partners Choose & Stay With Us

  • Omnidian’s Protect plan allows us to develop and operate assets across the U.S. while realizing lower operating expenses and a higher ROI.

    Angela Burke ———— Director of O&M, Pivot Energy
  • Omnidian’s significant assets under management and history of success across hundreds of commercial solar clients were key factors for us.

    Ed Kent ———— COO, Radial Power

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Case Studies?
Up and to the Right.

Case study 1

Asset Performance Index Improvement

In just six months of working with Omnidian, a prominent commercial solar developer saw a 14% increase in the average monthly performance index.

Case study 2

Truck Roll Reduction

A recent commercial portfolio analysis showed a 60% reduction in corrective maintenance. If we reduce the 6.06 truck roll average per MW* to just 2.37 (Omnidian average), that’s over $3,500 in savings per year.


Machine Learning Drives Unprecedented Solar Efficiencies

Breakthrough insights, dramatic improvements in symptom detection, root-cause diagnostics, and optimized asset remediation are driving greater efficiencies in the solar industry.

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October 1, 2023

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