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Dealer Benefits:

Minimize Call Volume

Omnidian’s professional monitoring and live customer service and support reduce the volume of incident calls that your team deals with, especially during outage season.

Reduce Operating Expenses

We manage monitoring, false alert filtering, troubleshooting, customer calls, and service dispatch, so your teams can focus on new installations.

Increase Client Satisfaction

Omnidian helps filter alerts, maintain system health, and quickly resolve issues, ensuring satisfied customers who can advocate for your business.

Brand Elevation

Homeowner communication features co-branded materials and any referral goes directly to you.

Homeowner Benefits:

& Optimization

Omnidian works with homeowners to ensure their battery systems are set up and optimized for peak performance.


Omnidian offers remote issue detection, diagnosis, and resolution. If a service visit is necessary, we inform both your team and the homeowner.


Omnidian sends homeowners battery health reports on a quarterly basis.

5-Star Service

Our 5-star service ratings are unparalleled in the industry.  We pride ourselves on providing not a good, or great, but an amazing customer experience. Homeowners get unlimited access to live customer care from the solar experts at Omnidian’s U.S.-based Operations Center.