62% of Solar Assets Have Major Issues (But Performance Assurance Helps)

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Bree Brouwer, Senior Content Strategist at Omnidian
by Bree Brouwer, Senior Content Strategist

When it comes to solar asset reliability and safety, maintenance matters. Unfortunately, too many solar maintenance plans fall short of offering performance assurance, and this can lead to severe consequences.

In fact, HelioVolta surveyed 60,000 data points across hundreds of commercial US-based PV systems, ranging in size from 100 kW to 350 MW, and discovered 62% of these systems had major or critical issues that presented immediate risks to the performance and safety of project sites.

Ultimately, this means your solar maintenance and operations plan needs to be more than “good enough.” It needs to be exceptional, and performance assurance can get you there.

How Does Performance Assurance Mitigate Risks?

Think about your current solar assets and monitoring solution. How often do you see alert after alert, without knowing which ones actually matter to the performance and reliability of your systems? How do you know if your performance deterioration is, for example, weather-related or driven by a component part that’s failing?

And what do you do if several red flags add up together? Multiple harmful factors can combine to cause long-term deterioration of solar assets, which directly affects their performance as well as your ROI. 

Here’s where performance assurance steps in. This unique energy guarantee focuses on keeping your assets operating at peak status year-round through monitoring and detecting the issues that are actually a priority. In this way, you can address asset concerns without rolling a truck each time, and you’re more likely to see top performance and favorable ROI in the long term. 

Most asset performance management solutions can’t offer this same peace of mind, and many don’t get as granular with their alerts (i.e. recognizing and prioritizing the faulty inverter red flag versus the dirty panel flag). Historically, the solar industry has operated “well enough” with these types of guarantees related to solar maintenance. 

62% of systems had major or critical issues related to performance
and safety.

– The SolarGrade PV Health Report by HelioVolta

But this is no longer the case if you truly want to mitigate as many performance safety risks as possible to avoid being part of that 62%. 

Omnidian’s Performance Assurance

This is why Omnidian was created – to bring peace of mind to your post-purchase and post-installation experience. Our performance assurance service takes solar monitoring and solar maintenance to a new level, with the ability to detect and diagnose issues to get to the root cause instead of just the red flag, so you know the impact on performance. 

Using machine learning models and thousands of data points from your system, our technology monitors your assets remotely, determining which alerts actually need a truck roll before tapping our nationwide network of field service providers (FSPs), who are available in over 34,000 ZIP codes.  

Omnidian essentially becomes your partner for everything related to performance assurance: symptom detection, single-source alerting, nationwide FSPs, module degradation rates, and more. No more disparate partners causing you multiple headaches – we’re your one point of contact from here on out.

We protect and accelerate investments in clean energy through our performance assurance guarantee.

Our Solar Maintenance Promise 

When an issue arises that affects the performance of your solar assets, you need more than a corrective solar maintenance plan – you need future peace of mind. Our promise is that you’ll get both. 

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