Omnidian Named Top 10 Solar Energy Tech Service Companies in U.S. | Utilities Tech Outlook

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The year 2019 witnessed the maximum number of total solar installations so far, crossing previous records and driving experts to forecast another massive year for the solar industry in 2020. But we all know what happened next. Despite the year’s setbacks, solar energy tech has remained resilient, inspiring and hopeful outlook for the year ahead. The pandemic’s ingress in 2020 disrupted just about every business to adapt and break new ground. While the solar industry had its own constraints to bear, applying stringent safety protocols and fine-tuning digital business practices made all the difference. …

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At first sight, the numerous rows of blue-black painted solar tiles glistening on rooftops depict a promising picture of the U.S.’s bid to generate power from renewable energy sources. However, a closer look reveals an opportunity to drive an even greater ROI for many owners of solar power systems. The reason behind this problem is apparent. Overall, the solar industry has been focused on sales and expansion driven by accelerating nationwide demand. Less attention has been given to maximizing returns and ensuring that the ownership experience, end-to-end, is seamless and hassle-free. Even the smallest solar power system is a power plant. And while utility-scale solar projects are managed cohesively, a large number of small distributed solar applications in various locations is an entirely different game. Problems occur; component failures sometimes go unidentified; underperformance can be overlooked. And the sheer volume of information coming from a large portfolio of distributed solar systems creates blindness. But at the end of the day, “solar owners”— whether a commercial asset manager overseeing hundreds of systems, a residential asset manager with thousands of systems, or an individual homeowner or business owner trying to save on electricity bills — want the assurance that their investments will perform as promised. …

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