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Increase Uptime | Decrease OpEx

Trusted by over 250 of the nation’s leading C&I solar developers, installers, asset owners, and operators nationwide.

Omnidian’s protection plan allows us to develop and operate assets across the US, while realizing lower operating expenses and a higher ROI on our investments.

– Angela Burke  

Case Studies:  Reduce Truck Rolls & Improve Asset Performance

Cast Savings Analysis
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Omnidian helps reduce your O&M operating costs, especially around costly truck-rolls & unplanned maintenance. When compared to industry standards*, our clients see a 60% reduction in truck rolls and the associated operating expenses. *Source: Amicus O&M Cooperative

Average Performance Index by Month
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One Omnidian client (a prominent commercial solar developer), realized a 14% increase in average monthly system performance (uptime) across their portfolio of solar assets, six months after partnering with Omnidian.

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Exclusive Whitepaper:  Move Beyond Traditional Monitoring

Machine Learning Drives Unprecedented Solar Efficiencies

Our proprietary technology models performance by creating a digital twin of your assets and layering on live, satellite-derived weather data. Using machine learning and AI, we monitor your real-world assets for underperformance—while ingesting and filtering component-level alerts—to identify, diagnose, and drive remediation. We ensure fast, focused issue resolution by filtering out false or inactionable alerts, so our team gets to the root cause of issues quickly; and you only roll a truck when absolutely necessary.

Awards & Accolades:  Delighting Clients Through Innovative Tech

When we looked at our long-term plan, a partnership with Omnidian set us up to scale strategically while mitigating risk.

– Kevin Schulte

The Strength Behind Omnidian:  Our People

Our operations team includes solar industry veterans who’ve run some of the nation’s largest solar portfolios, currently representing over 2GW and consisting of thousands of systems nationwide.

Omnidian is backed by an impressive mix of tech VCs, the largest utilities in the United States and abroad, as well as Fortune 500 companies with a combined market cap exceeding two trillion dollars.

Our reach expands nationwide with a prequalified Field Service Network that services more than 33,000 zip codes and provides QA/QC, aerial infrared inspections, preventive maintenance, system repairs, and routine services like vegetation management and module washing.

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