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Performance Assurance | Flexible Plans

Our Performance Assurance plans support commercial solar systems up to 10 MW in size—including rooftop, ground-mount, and carport projects—with the flexibility of add-on services that are right for you and the industry’s leading performance guarantee. We don’t design, develop or install systems – our only focus is on post-construction system performance and client experience.

Net Operating Income Protection

We understand that on-site energy assets support each property’s financial performance, and any loss of energy production impacts Net Operating Income (NOI).  We focus on system performance above all else, and our experienced team works with real estate owners every day to prevent downtime and evaluate cost-effective repairs and system upgrades.

More Clean Energy for Sustainability

Climate targets are increasing each year, so keeping your renewable energy production from decreasing is critical. Our solution was developed from the ground up to maximize carbon-free energy production from your systems, so your ESG reporting goals aren’t at risk. Our comprehensive reporting gives you visibility so you don’t have to guess, and we make it easy to import energy generation data into your existing workflow.

For Site, Safety, & Engineering

Protect your solar investment with Omnidian’s quality assurance and control services (QA/QC), which proactively identifies issues that can lead to system downtime, underproduction, and lost revenue before they happen. Available nationwide.

We Make It Easy

Real estate owners are focused on managing real estate, not power plants.  Our team seamlessly supports your portfolio or asset management team as a technical asset manager.  We manage each system using our experience and expertise, and serve as your resource to simplify the asset management process.

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24/7 Intelligent Issue Detection

Our real-time analytics, diagnostics and symptom detection technology works around the clock and precisely identifies underperformance and each underlying root cause. In the real world, multiple conditions overlap: hardware failure, shading, soiling, or weather-related underperformance. We pinpoint the impact of each.

Nationwide Field Service Network

With a nationwide network of pre-qualified field service partners, we quickly assign work orders based on distance, price, capacity, or your preference—while we monitor and confirm remediation and resolution.

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