Why Your Trust Is All That Matters in Solar O&M

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Brad Davis, Chief Marketing Officer at Omnidian
by Brad Davis, Chief Marketing Officer

When we launched Omnidian back in 2016, solar O&M (operations and maintenance) was an afterthought in the industry. Everyone wanted solar installed, but the post-installation experience didn’t go much farther than reactive – and often slow – truck rolls for “Help! My system is down!” messages or alerts.  

But we thought, “What if we took a proactive approach that created such an incredible post-install experience that customers have both peace of mind and a peak-performing system?”

That’s the true value of your solar O&M experience: you trust your solar investment is protected, so you don’t need to unnecessarily waste time or worry about your assets’ performance, safety, and long-term viability.   

And the way we earn your trust is by paying close attention to two important factors: time and emotion.  

Your Time Matters

In solar O&M, time to resolution is vital to restoring uptime and peak performance across solar assets. Unfortunately, this resolution is dependent on a lot of factors, such as the availability of third-party service providers, coordination of services, issue detection, and more.

All this complexity can be a massive drain on your time. That’s why we do everything we can to simplify these factors and give you back your time

When you partner with us, you don’t just pay for our technology and services. You can trust we’ve already done everything you otherwise would have had to do yourself. 

For example, we’ve sourced and vetted a nationwide network of service providers, who are on-call to maintain your solar assets as needed. And our technology saves you time by determining the root-cause issue of alerts, which can prevent unnecessary truck rolls by up to 60%.

What is your time worth to you?

Your Emotions Matter

When it comes to value, your time is closely complemented by your emotions. That’s because the less demand solar maintenance services have on your time, the more happy you’ll be with your overall experience.

We know the best way to positively impact your experience is by providing transparency and responsiveness. We do this by going above and beyond to accurately diagnose problems and determine next steps, and then clearly communicating this in a swift manner to one of our service providers so they can solve issues in a single trip, not multiple.

Why is this important? Historically, service providers would make one trip just to diagnose a problem, and then a second trip for remediation. This causes a lot of drain not just on your time, but also on your emotions. 

Our services get rid of this unnecessary step and simplify the solar O&M experience, providing you true peace of mind that your assets are in excellent hands. 

That level of trust can’t be itemized on a purchase receipt, but it’s there and it’s powerful. 

The true value of your solar O&M experience is that you trust your solar investment is protected, so you don’t need to unnecessarily waste time or worry about your assets’ performance, safety, and long-term viability.

– Brad Davis, CMO at Omnidian

Your Trust in Solar O&M Matters

Your ownership experience should be exceptional, not excruciating. You deserve the peace of mind knowing your investment will operate at peak performance. 

When you want true value from your solar maintenance services, look for what makes you trust that your assets are in good hands for the entirety of their lifecycle. After all, value is greater than the price you pay, especially in solar O&M.