The Future of Solar:  Beyond O&M

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The clean energy sector is approaching an unprecedented point of inflection with the infusion of $369 billion in incentives poised to fuel record-breaking growth for our industry.  Speaking with leading industry executives from the commercial and residential sectors, one thing is certain:  what got us here, won’t get us there.

In partnership with the SunCast podcast, industry leaders share their insights on the secrets to scale and growth, today and beyond.

Just a few snippets from these power-packed conversations, hosted by Nico Johnson:

  • The secret to scale in the emerging clean energy mass market.
  • The business purpose of culture and how to use culture to accelerate your business model.
  • The importance of clearly defining and communicating your ethical standards.
  • The importance of cultural/ethical fit in business partnerships.
  • The new definition of value (it isn’t price).
  • The make or buy decision and the power of vertical disintegration.
  • How to hire to your brand. The role the decision makes in driving rapid growth.
  • The employee experience: why it’s a key ingredient to your success.
  • Tricks from the world of traditional mass-market retail: the power of surprise and delight.
  • The building blocks of – not a good, not a great – but an amazing customer experience. Moving from service to satisfaction.

In this 6-part series, we explore the perspective of leading executives across the industry in driving and building a powerhouse business, an amazing customer experience, and a competitive advantage that’s difficult, if not impossible, to easily replicate.

How the right service partner supercharges solar business growth

Julie King , CEO of Harmon Electric, and Angela Burke, Director of O&M  at Pivot Energy share lessons learned about the scalability of service teams and why it is a critical component to any solar company’s expansion plans.

Julie and Angela are linked by their shared commitment to customer experience (CX) excellence — and the way they deliver it.

Want to grow your solar business? Offer excellent post-installation services

The ‘set it and forget it’ myth is a big one for me. Solar products are no different than anything else, and ‘stuff breaks.’

Trevor Sumner talks about how Sun Badger leveraged its relationship with Omnidian to grow his company from four employees to 112 in five years.

Creating remarkable customer experience in the solar industry

We have to figure out how to delight and surprise the customer like retail did a long time ago

Kevin Schulte, CEO of Greenspark Solar, shares his insights about keeping the customer first and how partnering with Omnidian helped the company reach its goals.

Ask Kevin to predict The Future of Solar, and he’ll tell you about his conviction that care and compassion are foundational to business success.

How to build end-to-end asset management

It’s always important to give customers peace of mind about their decisions — and arguably even more so when they’re investing in the young, evolving area of solar energy.

Chris Larkin, Director of Asset Management, DSD Renewables

This is the way to scale customer experience

At the end of the day, we’re selling trust.

David Kenny, Chief Operating Officer, Omnidian