Residential Installers,
EPCs & Developers

Our exclusive offer to
Residential solar providers
installing 1,000+ systems per year

Installed Systems:
Protecting Your Customer Base

Focus on new business while Omnidian supports your existing customers. Don’t get caught in the capital drain of servicing existing installations. With Omnidian, you get a more predictable cost structure, while maintaining visibility into preventive and corrective maintenance needs.

Performance Assurance:
Protecting Newly Installed Assets

Provide peace of mind for your customers through third-party validation and an energy production guarantee: Omnidian Performance Assurance. Our team of solar experts manages the entire client lifecycle on your behalf, providing 5-star customer care and end-to-end service management, coupled with a production guarantee.

Lease / PPA:
Guaranteed Performance for Third-Party Owned Assets

From performance verification testing, proactive monitoring, and nationwide service management, we’ve got you covered. Omnidian is trusted by the nation’s leading financiers and TPO providers to deliver peak production for your portfolio of owned assets, ensuring satisfied customers who power a predictable cash flow for your business.

Installing more than 1,000 residential systems per year?

If you’re installing more than 1,000 residential systems per year, or plan to reach that in the next calendar year, reach out to us for a conversation.

Join Our Field Service Network

We are currently accepting applications to join our Field Service Network, the nation’s largest O&M team covering 33,000 ZIPs across the U.S. We pay you to roll a truck and provide service to residential and commercial customers in your region. Please email Andy Steffen for more information.

Commercial / Residential Hybrid Dealers

If you install fewer than 1,000 residential assets per year, but are an active commercial solar installer, you can learn more about partnership opportunities on our Commercial solutions page.

“The future of solar is service, and Omnidian is positioned perfectly to grow with the industry…Service work is exponential every year. It’s real, and you guys are doing the right thing.”

– Rachel Levey, PV Squared Solar

Omnidian Performance Assurance

Purpose-built, AI-powered monitoring technology–coupled with solar O&M expert support. An industry-leading asset performance management solution trusted by some of the nation’s leading residential solar developers, installers, and EPCs.

Reduce your operational burden and focus on growth with Omnidian as your partner. Our end-to-end asset optimization goes beyond O&M to deliver proactive service and unmatched customer satisfaction across a managed portfolio of over 1.8GW of distributed solar.

From Monitoring to Proactive Remote Diagnostics

Machine Learning Drives Unprecedented Solar EfficienciesOur proprietary technology models performance by creating a digital twin of your installed assets and layering on live, satellite-derived weather data. Using machine learning and AI, we monitor the real-world performance of those assets for deviations—while ingesting and filtering component-level alerts—to identify, diagnose, and drive remediation.

Benefits Our Largest Clients Value:

Scale Your Business

We act as an extension of your team, so you can focus on growing profitably.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Scale your assets without scaling your resources. We cut service visits by 60%, and pay you when you roll a truck.

Remove Geographic Constraints

Our nationwide field service network covers over 33,000 ZIPs, ensuring your installed assets are protected.

Performance, Guaranteed.

If a system generates less than 95% of the annual energy we forecasted, we’ll cover the shortfall.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our five-star rated customer care and rapid issue identification and remediation means happier customers and positive reviews.

Battery Storage Support

Seamlessly integrate our battery customer care solution with your solar performance plans.

Award Winning Team