Support For Solar Lease Homeowners

While Omnidian does not own any solar leases throughout the United States, our team has been contracted by the owners of solar leases to monitor and support their homeowners—and we provide this support to tens of thousands of homeowners nationwide.

If you have a solar lease or PPA Agreement, and you have been referred to our team, it is because we monitor and provide maintenance support for your leased residential solar system, including:

Protection Plan for Homeowners
With a Solar Lease

  • 24/7 continuous monitoring
  • 100% covered field service for all system hardware and software components*
  • Coordination and scheduling with our nationwide network of qualified field service providers
  • Post-service certification of your system’s performance

* Omnidian does not own or control your lease and is required to obtain approval for service from your lease holder. Your service terms may vary. Please consult your lease agreement for covered service.

Solar Lease Terms

Many leases require homeowners to keep their panels free of shading or soiling. As part of our monitoring service, our systems will detect if your solar panels are shaded. Omnidian’s service technicians do not clean panels or remove trees or foliage which may be blocking panels. But, we can help find someone to support you if you give us a call at 855.685.1067.

Removing Your Solar System

Omnidian does not own your solar system and has no authority to remove it. However, if you need assistance, we can help you notify you lease owner.

Billing And Collections

Omnidian does not collect payments or manage billing and collections. As a convenience, our toll-free number provides direct access to your billing company, which is a separate company.