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Lower operating costs. Reduce asset downtime. Increase portfolio profitability.
Partner for Growth.

Over 250 Commercial Partners Nationwide.

Lower operating costs. Reduce asset downtime. Increase portfolio profitability. Partner for Growth.

Over 250 Commercial Partners Nationwide.

“Omnidian’s nationwide service network allows our portfolio to grow boundlessly in all geographic regions.”

Chris Larkin,  DSD Renewables

Omnidian Performance Assurance

Purpose-built AI-powered monitoring technology coupled with solar O&M expert support. An industry-leading asset performance management solution trusted by over 250 C&I solar developers, installers, and EPCs nationwide.

Scale Your Business

Partner for Growth

With Performance Assurance, our solar experts become an extension of your team, so that your team can focus on growing your portfolio at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff. With our turnkey solution, you have a dedicated portfolio manager—backed by our team of engineers, data scientists, and solar industry veterans—tracking the health and production of your assets. Your one stop shop for guaranteed asset performance.

Move Beyond Traditional Monitoring

Machine Learning Drives Unprecedented Solar EfficienciesOur proprietary technology models performance by creating a digital twin of your assets and layering on live, satellite-derived weather data. Using machine learning and AI, we monitor your real-world assets for performance deviations—while ingesting and filtering component-level alerts—to identify, diagnose, and drive remediation. By filtering out false or inactionable alerts, and remotely remediating more than half of all issues without human intervention, you only roll a truck when absolutely necessary, and ensure fast, focused issue resolution.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Scale your assets without scaling your resources. We manage monitoring, false alert filtering, remote diagnosis, service coordination, and field service partner relationships. And because we remotely diagnose issues, we reduce your truck roll cost by scheduling service visits only when on-site work is required. In fact, a recent data science analysis showed a 60% reduction in corrective maintenance costs across our commercial solar portfolio.

Cast Savings Analysis
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For Site, Safety, & Engineering

Protect your solar investment with Omnidian’s quality assurance and control services (QA/QC), which proactively identifies issues that can lead to system downtime, underproduction, and lost revenue before they happen. Available nationwide.

Remove Geographic Limitations

Our vetted nationwide field service network covers over 33,000 zip codes, giving you peace of mind that your solar farms are protected as you grow. All operations and maintenance service work is coordinated and reviewed by our team for quality, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your assets are in good hands. Take back your time while we protect your investment through managed preventative and corrective maintenance, as well as auxiliary services like vegetation management.

Remove Geographic Limitations

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Protect Your Investment

Get dedicated expert support working with you to drive the performance of your solar assets—so you can rest assured that your clean energy investments are protected. Our team notifies you in advance when a system component goes down—often before you know there’s an issue. When service is needed, your dedicated portfolio operations manager will coordinate a rapid response via your team—or through our nationwide field service network—and ensure prompt resolution.

Streamline Reporting

Take back your valuable time with easy access to centralized, standardized reporting for all system and performance data with consistent metrics across your entire portfolio. Our unified reporting covers all performance metrics and corrective & preventive maintenance reports, easing the burden of consolidating data from different systems and providers, providing reliable data at your fingertips, while helping to streamline financial and ESG reporting.

Guarantee Performance

We don’t just drive performance—we back it up with a 95% performance guarantee. If you opt to include this with a system, and it generates less than 95% of the annual energy we forecasted during testing, we’ll cover the shortfall. A case study with a prominent commercial solar developer showed a 14% increase in the average monthly performance index over six months.

Average Performance Index by Month
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Community Solar Solutions

Omnidian is focused on maximizing solar farm production and value for C&I scale and Community Solar projects, delivering industry-leading asset performance management services for third-party owned systems. We partner to help drive peak system performance and assure maximum utilization rate with your off-takers.

Thanks to our advanced, proactive monitoring solution, we’re able to identify potential issues before they become big problems. We have vetted technicians local to any project across the U.S. providing preventive and corrective maintenance, and auxiliary services including vegetation management.

You’ll have access to customized, real-time reports on key asset metrics, as well as a dedicated portfolio manager working with you to maintain your leading asset performance ratio; all backed by a 95% performance guarantee. We believe in driving holistic value for all project stakeholders.

Community Solar

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