High-Tech Solar Protection Delivered with Our First-Class Human Touch. #TeamLove

Trustworthy, Smart, Passionate”

— Geoff Greenfield, Founder & President, Third Sun Solar

#Team Love

Our obsessive focus on people and the ownership experience launched an internal phrase:  #Team Love.  The term was first used in an internal e-mail on July 25, 2017 – and it stuck. It’s what we call ourselves.  And it reflects our commitment to our clients and their ownership experience.

Intelligent Diagnostics | People Focused

We’ve enjoyed tens of thousands of conversations with our clients. More often than not, we’re the ones calling.  Our 24/7 diagnostic platform enables us to identify potential issues first and reach out to our clients proactively.

Quick Issue Resolution

One of the owners of our Massachusetts partner, PV Squared, reached out to us and said it best:

“A client’s system failed on a Monday. Omnidian alerted us that day…By Tuesday the problem was already being solved.”

—Rachel Levy, PV Squared

Industry-Leading Customer Service

With a consistent  Google  service score of over 4.5 stars, our customer ratings are among the highest in the industry. We’re obsessed with our reviews and we read them every week.

“Fast replies and concerns, patience. Very professional at all times. We were very pleased with the work done.”

—Alfred Lerma

“Guys went above and beyond!”

—Tim Stadtherr

“Friendly and knowledgeable representative.”

—Javier Ulloa

“It was a better level of customer service to have Omnidian ready at the other end of the phone.”

—Geoff Greenfield, Founder & President, Third Sun Solar

We can offer people peace of mind through Omnidian’s support.

—Dan Conant, Founder & CEO, Solar Holler


We provide the industry’s leading performance assurance and energy guarantee for more than 27,000 zip codes across the United States.  Here’s a snapshot of the client view we see in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Belmont MA