To protect and accelerate investments in clean energy through innovative technology, passionate teams, and an amazing customer experience.

The Story Behind Our Mission

Our mission statement is held closely by every member of the Omnidian family. It’s not just something we say or frame on the wall. It’s something we live and work by as we create community and provide superior care for our clients.

After our business plan was successfully launched in 2016, we paused to ask each member of our team some important questions: Why are you here? What makes this a special place? Why are you proud of the work we do together?

The answers we received, through independent responses, revealed an astounding alignment among those founding 50 employees. We were united in our mission to protect and accelerate investments in clean energy. We wanted to be the first to fill a growing need in solar—and be the best at it for the long-term.

More importantly, we then recommitted as a company—through lengthy dialogue—to honor the three cultural factors that still drive our success today:

  • Innovative Technology custom-built by our solar vets and remarkable engineers working side by side to design the industry’s first white-glove, hassle-free clean energy ownership.
  • Passionate Teams created in a culture where everyone is a respected “insider” who has the opportunity to be heard, to grow, to learn, and to have meaningful impact.
  • And finally, the core of our mission: The Most Amazing Customer Experience. It’s a high bar, and we measure it after every single client engagement.

We believe:

“Every single one of us
Is entitled to feel fulfilled by the work we do
To wake up feeling inspired to go to work
To feel safe when we are there
And to return home with a sense that we contributed to something larger than ourselves.” 

– Simon Sinek


Your partner for a sustainable future.

We aspire to create a better, more sustainable future for our environment and our planet.  But our aspirations aren’t just professional—they’re personal.

We extend our promise to partner with three key constituencies for a sustainable future:

  • Our Clients: We are committed to make our clients more successful by protecting and accelerating their investments in clean energy, and by providing an amazing hassle-free ownership experience for their companies, their teams, and their customers.
  • Our Co-workers. Our culture is designed to enable members of our team to be their best, true self. To be heard. To be treated with dignity and respect. To grow in their careers. We desire to create a sustainable, more prosperous—and happier—future for every member of our team.
  • Our Communities. We are committed to helping communities be better places to live and work. Here are just some of the ways we give time and service to make a difference, today.   Learn More

Omnidian’s Culture

Our company mission, vision, and values are the foundation of our culture. They define our true north, drive our business objectives, and guide our actions—as individuals and as a whole. Collectively, they define the brand experience we call “Omnidian.”1

1 The name Omnidian is a Latin mash-up from the word Custodian, and the Latin for all things: “Omni.”  Omnidian. The custodian of all things.