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Flexible Plans

We manage over 170,000 residential solar systems nationwide. Our Dealer Program allows you to include Omnidian peace of mind and Performance Assurance with every new system. And with our Fleet Operations Program we will manage your existing systems on your behalf.

Reduce Your
Operating Expenses

Shift the burden of post-installation customer care by supplementing your operations with a team of solar vets.  We manage monitoring, false alert filtering, troubleshooting, customer calls, and service dispatch, so your teams can focus on new installations. And for every system with an Omnidian Performance Plan, we’ll even pay you for maintenance truck rolls!

“It was possible for Omnidian to diagnose the problem without a site visit.”

“The resolution Omnidian arrived at with Aurora restored the system to its optimal performance allowing the customer to generate thousands more kilowatt hours each year.”

– Aurora Solar, Inc.

95% Energy

Include a cash-back year-end energy guarantee that covers the entire year.  Many of our Elite Dealers are offering 10-year pre-paid plans with every new system.  Terms as short as 12 months.  Your customers renew for less than $15 a month.


homeowner brochureTake advantage of professionally designed marketing in your name.  Brochures, collateral, and web banners custom designed for your site.  After the sale, performance reports keep your brand front and center and increase new customer referrals.

Increase Customer

Performance Reports are sent throughout the year to track your customers’ energy generation relative to their year-end cash-back energy guarantee. Customer support is a call or click away with online service requests and live support from solar experts with real-time access to your customers’ system analytics.

No-Cost Referrals

Studies show that 89% of happy customers are willing to provide a referral but only 11% are asked*.  Performance Reports in your brand name create the perfect opportunity for satisfied customers to refer a friend.  You set the reward level.  We forward the referrals at no additional cost to you.

* Source:


Give your customers confidence that their battery system is optimized for peak performance with Omnidian’s Home Battery Customer Care Plan. Omnidian remotely monitors their battery’s performance, filters alerts, and quickly resolves issues, allowing your team to focus on new installations without sacrificing client satisfaction. Our Home Battery Customer Care Plan seamlessly integrates with our residential solar plans, giving your customers peace of mind for their entire solar system.


Our 5-star service ratings are unparalleled in the industry.  We pride ourselves on providing not a good, or great, but an amazing customer experience.