Elevate the customer experience. Differentiate your offer. Accelerate sales.

“As we enter our second decade of business in Hawaii, we have cemented our reputation of providing the highest levels of customer service. We’re proud to have a partner like Omnidian to allow us to elevate our customer experience.”

– Paul Orem, CEO, Photonworks Engineering

Performance Assurance | Flexible Plans

Our Performance Assurance plans support commercial systems up to 10 MW in size—including rooftop, ground-mount, and canopy/carport projects. Our Dealer Program gives you the flexibility to offer your clients the plan that fits their needs. And with our Fleet Operations Program we will work behind the scenes to manage systems on your behalf.

Eliminate O&M Burden

We manage monitoring, false alert filtering, troubleshooting, and customer calls. Your teams can focus on new projects while we ensure that your current projects are performing optimally.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Managed system performance, monthly performance reports and live support from our award-winning team create a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

24/7 Intelligent Issue Detection

Our real-time analytics, diagnostics and symptom detection technology works around the clock and precisely identifies underperformance and each underlying root cause. In the real world, multiple conditions overlap: hardware failure, shading, soiling, or weather-related underperformance. We pinpoint the impact of each.

Noise Suppression

We identify high-priority alerts while suppressing low-actionability noise, like temporary soiling or snow, providing unprecedented productivity and increased efficiency.

5-Star Solar Experts on Call

The award-winning solar experts in our Seattle Operations Center have real-time access to system diagnostics, system status, and service orders. Enjoy 5-star rated service and support for you and your customers.

Performance Guarantee

At year-end, we can guarantee up to 95% of forecasted energy—or we pay for the shortfall.

“Omnidian has alleviated customer concerns. You took the concerns away regarding electrical inspections, cleaning, and weather changes.”

SunSmart Technologies