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Our mission is simple. Protect and accelerate investments in clean energy with one industry-leading service: Performance Assurance. And we’ve tailored it with options that are right for you.

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“Our clients want the assurance of a return on their investment and a hassle-free ownership experience. We’ve designed it – end-to-end.”

– Mark Liffmann, CEO, Omnidian

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Why Omnidian? Why Now?

Set It and Forget It

Omnidian’s award-winning team knows solar systems. We monitor our clients’ systems 24/7 and remotely diagnose issues. If there’s a problem that needs your attention, we’ll call you—and get to work to make it right.

Performance, Guaranteed!

We provide performance assurance for solar investments, from single systems to large portfolios. We can even guarantee annual energy generation.

Intelligent System Diagnostics

Omnidian’s services are powered by industry-leading technology enabling issue detection and diagnostics. Shading or soiling? Weather or component failure? Our algorithms remotely identify the root cause. Our experts handle the solution.

Transparency and Control

Personalized reports track energy generated taking into account real-world factors, like weather. You’ll always know how your investment is performing, and why. Your return is optimized with 24/7 monitoring and rapid remote diagnostics.

Nationwide Service Network

We’ve got your back, wherever you are. With a nationwide network of pre-qualified service professionals, we provide maintenance, service coordination, and post-service performance certification, for a hassle-free client experience.

Expert Support

We know about system issues, often before you do, and we’ll contact you if your system requires attention. And if you have any questions, our team of solar experts are a call or click away.

“5 stars for the people I have worked with. 4 stars for the time it took to correct the situation. 10 stars for your team faithfully hanging on to bring the correction to fruition!!!”

T. Ferrell
Elliott City, MD

Commercial Solar
Developers and Owners

Our teams of solar experts manage the performance of commercial systems up to 10 MW in size—including rooftop, ground-mount, and carport projects. We offer several plans—so you can choose the one that’s right for you or your customers. Each includes a 5-star rated customer experience.

Solar Installers

Our Dealer Program allows you to differentiate from competitors by providing your new clients with the ultimate peace of mind:  a cash-back energy guarantee, 24/7 remote diagnostics and 100% covered maintenance. Our Fleet Operations Program brings the Omnidian experience to your existing clients. Both programs turn your customers into advocates with a white-glove post-installation experience and ongoing marketing that keeps your brand front-and-center after the sale. Customer referrals are requested on your behalf and sent directly to you.

Portfolio Investors

Maximize the return on your solar portfolio and liberate your capital. We shift the risk of maintenance and guarantee energy generation for the lifetime of your investment, beginning with a forensic asset-level performance analysis for existing portfolios. Achieve the performance you were promised and the ROI you expect.

Seamless integration with billing partners, CRM and monitoring platforms, and our nationwide service network of pre-qualified service professionals.

Our Magic

Our team. We’ve been named one of the Top 100 Places To Work by Seattle Business Magazine for four consecutive years. With a culture of service excellence, and a passion for solar, we know the only thing we sell is trust—and we work hard to earn yours.

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